How it all started…

Our story begins in 1991 and the vision of producing high quality pet food. Inspired by nature and our roots in the traditional butcher’s trade, we develop cat and dog food that makes a difference. For healthy cats/dogs and happy pet owners who affectionately care for their four-legged friends, making sure that they only get the very best.

Did you know?
The name animonda essentially means "The World of Animals".

Nature is our role model

We stand for natural raw materials instead of artificial flavourings. For real tastes instead of flavour enhancer. And for species-appropriate products that are simply really good, and without artificial colours and added sugar or soy. This is our guarantee for all animonda products. Simply feeding with love and understanding.

All of our products are developed in accordance with the latest scientific findings together with our veterinarian and nutritionists for healthy and species-appropriate animal nutrition. We at animonda consider it our special responsibility to only develop and offer nutritionally compelling products. This is why we only sell our pet food through specialist retailers.

30 years on...

For 30 years, we have devoted ourselves with to the production of high-quality pet food for cats and dogs – always with the utmost conviction and care. Much has changed during this time. But one thing has always remained the same: our daily motivation to produce really good pet food. With excellent products – now available in more than 35 countries – we make a small positive difference every day to the diet of cats and dogs.

Our corporate philosophy

We at animonda love animals!

We love animals! And many members of the animonda team do, of course, have one or more animal companions at home. Here you can gain a little insight into the animal support at animonda.

Amon from Marco Lubberich (Managing director)
Piet from Jeannine Fellhölter (Purchasing department)
Sammy from Günter Denz (Sales department)
Aika from Janna Beßmann (Marketing)
Charly from Udo Bilz (Marketing)
Frieda from Meik Rosendahl (Business Development)
Pumba from Michelle Thomas (Logistics)
Arkani from Michelle Thomas (Logistics)
Loulou from Ulrike Strüber (Quality management department)
Honey und Fibi
Honey und Fibi from Anke Adam (Logistics)
Nemo from Catherine Schönhoff (Sales department)
Timboy from Nicole Tobergte (Marketing)
Missy from Martin Schulz (Logistics)
Buddy from Irmgard Upmann (Sales department)
Ben from Christof Schubert (Sales department)
Wynton und Milo
Wynton und Milo from Ann-Christin Graf (Marketing)
Momo und Daylight
Momo und Daylight from Marco Wilkens (Sales department)
Luka und Lui
Luka und Lui from Anja Thomas (Logistics)
Zeo und Lenny
Zeo und Lenny from Elina Goldmann (Export)